Professional CCTV Installations

CCTV is now considered to be crucial in both crime prevention & detection. The application of a CCTV security system is now increasingly incorporated in home security, anti-theft surveillance & vandalism surveillance. With the help of a home CCTV system, homeowners are now equipped with the ultimate burglar deterrent that is both visible & effective.

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CCTV Installations

Protect Your Property

Research shows that CCTV at a property does reduce the chance of a crime taking place at that property. CCTV is shown to discourage crime. In other words, the potential intruder will move on to another property that does not have CCTV.

Whether you want to monitor your property grounds, street traffic or internal views, our modern CCTV systems are effective & affordable for all households. Each CCTV system we design is specific to our customers requirements.

As a local independent CCTV installer, we have a unique understanding of the security challenges faced by local residents so we are happy to visit you in your home to provide a free site survey detailing the equipment and type of installation we recommend. We will discuss all the possible options now available on the market and help you to make an informed decision based on your individual requirements and budget.

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Why not call us today with any questions you may have & arrange a same day appointment to provide you with a free site survey if required? We aim to provide the most cost effective solution available & think you will be surprised just how inexpensive a quality installation can be.

Why Choose a CCTV System?

CCTV has become more popular in the domestic market in recent years. This is down to several aspects listed below:

  • With CCTV being so competitive, cheaper systems are available & more affordable to home owners.
  • The introduction of DVR's (digital video recorders) means no more video tapes.
  • DVR's can be quite small & don't take up much room.
  • CCTV is a great deterrent.
  • CCTV can provide evidence.
  • Remote dialling means you can view your CCTV systems live footage from anywhere in the world either on a pc/laptop, iPad/tablet or even a smartphone.
  • CCTV is now common place & is seen as successful, so to want it to help protect your home is only natural.

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